Nature's Way Market
Local Vendors

Our Local Vendors

Edwin Wapennik’s Local Honey - Donora, PA
Local honey

Gerber Amish Farm - Kidron, OH
Antibiotic free/hormone free chicken

Kanaga Farm - Ligonier, PA
100% grass fed Hormone free/antibiotic free heirloom beef

Oaklodge Maple Syrup - Stahlstown, PA
Maple syrup

Old Linn Run Coffee Bean Roastery - Rector, PA
Fresh roasted, specialty coffee available in a variety of choices

Palmer’s Farm - Greensburg, PA

Swiss Villa Dairy - Wrightsville, PA
Raw cow milk, raw goat milk, raw sheep milk, cream, butter, yogurt, sheep yogurt, soy free/GMO free/pastured grass fed eggs, ground beef

Town’s Edge Farm - Ligonier, PA
Cage free/free range eggs

Two Acre Farm - Latrobe, PA
Fresh spinach, red leaf romaine lettuce, green winter density leaf lettuce, escarole, pea and sunflower shoots.

While supplies last.